Saturday, January 9, 2010

01/08/10 "Publishing will never be the same."

"When the Shit Hits the Fan Which Way Will Your Fan be Pointed?" Private, On-demand content available now. will host all the chapters of "Carne Vale - Flesh Farewell" plus the subsequent volumes produced by authors writing for Our servers are designed for content produced for the web that is owned by the authors and copyright under the rules governing publicly branded orginal content. "The Flesh Farewell" trilogy will be available from the Powerfitz servers upon request, and will soon be ready for uploading onto any digital reader, Google document, or directly in your browser in website format.

"We welcome you to ask for the latest chapters emailed directly to your inbox. Subscribe to the original content posted here by sending an email to Powerfitz with "NEXT CHAPTER" as the subject so we know what to do with the request."

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