Sunday, September 21, 2008

Constructive Criticism

The Netter will be developing this list of things to do, and things that were already done for the development of our Blog Mall hosted at

The goals we want to achieve are numerous. Beginning with the construction and linking of all blogs and websites, is now ready to develop the best methods to acquire new customers and readers who look to Powerfitz Blog Mall for their informational and product needs from the directory of products and services we are best known for.

Drag Racing
Affiliate Programs
Commission Junction
Coin Collecting
Nitrous Oxide
Social Networks

These are some of the subjects that can be found to have great information posted from the Netter on all the blogs and sites that the Netter is responsible for developing.

In order to achieve some of the results that are needed to be successful, the smart blogger will now what they can understand, and what they cannot. The best way to start is for free. The Netter began in 1998 with free Yahoo Geocities sites to develop a program of news and announcements for a successful autoparts and auto show company. The use of the internet was for marketing and sales leads. Through the beneficial ranking of Yahoo, the business grew, and The Netter was successful.

In 2008, an new program of marketing and product information from was established in partnership with Houston Banquet These two companies are operated by A.W.E. Enterprises in Houston Texas. The Netter comes from a team of internet gurus who are bringing success to the new endeavors that have become the Powerfitz Blog Mall.

The long list of blogs and sites that are updated daily by The Netter is growing. The need for concise messaging and news from The Netter shows how a complete linked package of news, information, affiliate programs, and great internet reports on the subjects we love drives the future productivity.

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