Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Report Card

The Netter Report report card September 2008: Good News and More News.

The construction of recent additions to the network continues. From the inclusion of increased free bandwith arms of the promotional program, Seasonal visits are up dramatically due to classified advertising that is fee-free based. Conversions have occured, and the trend for more sales is forcasted to occur until Halloween week from the 4Seasons Costume Shoppe activity. The addition of new advertising and successful promotions from The Holiday Netter, costume sales have averaged $1.00 per 1000 impressions of affiliate banners for the sale of Halloween costumes. This represents a milestone in The Netter's progression into branding the 4Seasons name.

Interested members of the blogging community who cannot afford to wait any longer for monies to begin to be deposited in accounts that bear their company name, should pay close attention to the techniques that are being used by The Netter. They have proven themselves in the past for great production in the parts distributor business, and now will be developing an entirely passive income source from scratch. The program includes training for followers of the Netter who want to know more about the time it took to complete all the tasks that were completed before the thought of money was at hand. Now that it is happening, it is important to realize that this "seasonal" sales event will need to be replaced with a non-cyclical sales program to be promoted in the same manner.

What can be found here will be something that anyone can duplicate. For FREE. Outside of some of the hosted sites, The Netter contends that this whole program can be replicated on an entirely free host. While the current Terms of Service at most free servers restrict what you can and cannot do with their bandwith, there are still opportunities to advertise and host a completely passive revenue source for free. The importance of costless services for the new web promoter means that with the right time investment, any new developer can see some fast results after a limited amount of time has transpired.

We look to enhance our current unique visitor, impression, and click through rate by tracking different advertisements. We will show the results of our efforts as new milestones are reached so that you can see that this information is crusial to you and your hopes of making money online with a website, blog, and affiliate programs that work.

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