Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where will we go from here?

It's not about where you been (except prison), but where you're going. is pushing forward into 2010 with new goals and ambitions
for the brands that fall under the Powerfitz umbrella. Nitrousfitz,
Over and Out, PartyLetter, PowerLetter, and the Holiday Letter are
going to be updated and monitored throught the rest of 2009 and into
the future.

Current trends for Powerfitz fall into the 'Social
Media' category. Now, the author of all these blogs can be followed on
Facebook at
The hope that as more and more fresh content is added to the blog rolls
of, new friends will soon follow. The most promising
output has come from the Wordpress blog hosted on the server of 'Over and Out'. The renewed focus on this platform, and
the Facebook interactive, will motivate the author to produce even more
content, reports, and stories for the fans of and the
blog roll generated from I recommend that my new friends
register as a user for 'Over and Out' to be able to interact and recommend directly with the author.

The news goes like this:

the latest Division 4 NHRA Sportsman event for TS46 and TD4200 was less
than fruitful. Both entries were out of the competition after the first
round, and due to the resulting points standing, TS46's season is over.
The bright side to this uneventful event is our Super Pro entry SP4550,
driven by Mrs. Walsh. She stands 4th in points for her track bracket
championship, and a trip to the Division 4 bracket finals in Ennis, TX
will be her opportunity for an invitation to Pamona in the winter.

the bracket finals are over, Houston raceway Park will be making up two
different bracket races, including a double points race which could
push our SP4550 into the top point position going into next year. Leave
the driver a comment or a 'Way to go' by typing out a couple nice words
below this post.

All drag racing should wrap up in November with a Thanksgiving race at Pine Valley Raceway near Lufkin, TX.

social media side of continues to see a large jump in
followers, friends, and comments to the content we produce. Facebook,
Twitter, and the Wordpress blog 'Over and Out' are being viewed by
thousands of visitors daily. Look for a re-organization of Google
Adsense listings and a better ROI after the latest updates to the site
and blogs.

Welcome to eveyone who finds this news fresh and
ready to duplicate. We recommend you leave us your thoughts so that we
can come and see what you're doing, and how we can join forces into the
future. The news is good, and good news is what we like to produce.


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