Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writing for Money Online and Off: Where Does Social Media Fit In?

My efforts to collect my thoughts onto digital notepads and blog rolls and posts has led me to believe that I'm glad that I went into the world of social media BEFORE I actually got myself ready to produce content en-masse. Content you see, needs to be read. It takes the eyes oif the world to mould it into something better or as good as it is right now. Think about the countless blogs that are produced but not read, ever. I'm thinking about those everytime I write something new. But not so much now, because as I write, I communicate with my social friends online. Getting them to help me make better posts and include more news and information about me. They like to hear about what and how I am doing. Forget the information, give my friends something about me, and they are ready to come back for more.

The personal side of blogging takes over when you blog about your life and ambitions. While an internet marketer looks for the next referral or membership sign-up, a writer want thoughts to come into his head so that he can get them down inside his digital library for others to see. Making friends is easy, writing to the public is hard. Make friends first and let them tell how you are doing to get the most direction while you work. Writing is work, even if you love your job.

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