Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Netter Report Vol I

The title could have easily been "Reports from the GUTTER", considering where everyone starts from and where most of them end up.
The advent of the computer for me was somewhere in the '85 area. My best friend who happens to be my brother purchased his first AMD box and so began the love for this tool of expression.
Before this, there wasn't much to do but have a circle of friends, and interact with them on a totally physical plane of existence. Regardless of ability of charm, you had to survive face-to-face with the rest of the world. What an awful way to live.
Now, Empire could be played, and the beginning of the experience of role-play, and electronic interaction began. Soon the ideas were flowing, and the fingers flying to produce original content and information that aided us in our daily lives, or for future use, when the world would catch on to this new "toy".
Zip forward 10 years and now the real world of computing was happening for us. Content, business, news of millionaires being made, were running through our heads and how were we going to get there. We had experienced and practiced enough effective computing to consider that anything was possible if the directives were followed.
What happened next is a good example of what not to do, though the value of the experience was priceless, having to recreate something similar but different is going to be the challenge.
because this seems to be running long, look for the next volume to be under another topic.
Please read and reply to this as it stands. Do you have questions? Ask. Ridicule? Laugh. Whatever you find interesting or non interesting, comments are always welcome.
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