Friday, September 21, 2007

Report From the Netter Vol I 2nd Edition

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The primary teacher of computing skills should be experience only after the training in the use of electronic technology and keyboard prowess. The Netter came to learn that the best tool for building online businesses is content. Content drives the Search Engines, Content delivers visitors, content makes the sale when you can't be there. To get online, you must build online. Building online for business is much more than the information about yourself. You must become an expert in a subject, then you must construct a great way for people to review what you are expert in.

To build a passive income stream, you must build your website. Take the leap from internet user to webmaster. The term describes exactly what it takes to make yourself known online. Become the master of your subject matter, and represent that content in such a way as people surfing the net can find it, and then use it.

The Netter's first foray into website building was to use what was available, and make it free. There are still tools available today that will allow you to buiuld and create online content for free. If you just want to post information about a subject, then using any of these tools is great for building a subject content base that can be built upon and used to generate hits and page views for you.

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