Sunday, September 23, 2007

Report from The Netter Vol I 3rd Edition

The Netter Report is designed to showcase much of the Netter work with making money online. To register for a Netter Training course please visit this link and leave your email address to see if your accepted into the next 6 week Netter Training Course at A.W.E.

What's up?We've been neglecting you but know that I'm keeping my head in this box until money pops out. I mean it.

The work being done is here:

4Seasons is going to be the "Holiday Netter" home for everything holidays. As you can see right now the holiday is Halloween, and I have just finished the store. I think it turned out reall well. I'm checking bandwith because of the way the page is made, and it seems that I am not having a problem there. Probably because the images are hosted somewhere else and are only linked to the page.

What do you think?

The associated blog (which everything has now too) is:

Key phrases include:

houston nitrous oxide dealer 3 8.3 % adult super premium chewbacca costume 2 5.5 % powerfitz 2 5.5 % officially licensed transformer costume 2 5.5 % leg avenue princess snow white costume extra small 1 2.7 % looney toon halloween costume toddler 1 2.7 % vinyl frankenstein headpieces 1 2.7 % lil bo peep costume extra large 1 2.7 % child red fishnet tights and bodysuits 1 2.7 % star wars child deluxe stormtrooper costume large 12-14 1 2.7 % licensed star wars costume distributor 1 2.7 % transformer optimus prime costume size 14 1 2.7 % nitrousfitz 1 2.7 % adult winnie the pooh boots 1 2.7 % white gorilla costume 1 2.7 % toddler transformer costume 1 2.7 % houston herbal dealer 1 2.7 % toddler snow white headpiece 1 2.7 % optimus prime costume 12-14 1 2.7 % halloween costumes- frankenstein head piece 1 2.7 % 3t toddler scarecrow costume 1 2.7 % houston nitrous refill station 1 2.7 % houston nitrous oxide distributor 1 2.7 % 4seasons holiday store 1 2.7 % herbal remedies 1 2.7 % gorilla costume extra large 1 2.7 % child s elvis suit 1 2.7 % halloween costume dealer 1 2.7 % 1 2.7 % snow white scarecrow 1 2.7 % nitrous refills houston


with 71 keywords My prediction is $250 in profit. That means it needs to sell $2500 in costumes. I'll let you know..BUY A COSTUME!So, that has had me going for the past 10 days. Building blogs for everything is time consuming too.

Powerfitz the home page is going to get a facelift too. Not sure what, but I don't like the auction ads, they sometimes don't show products. So, not for the homepage.

Here's the blog:

The subdomain:

I havn't added anything for a week now. The last thing I added was the Native Remedies page. It's cool for now.And the blog:

This stuff is hooked up in its own right. I get about 15 unique visitors a day to some information about this section

This is where I need to go next. Keep building this, and I'll get my affiliates built. Nothing really going on there, I havn't been marketing to affiliates so I need this content to drive affiliates..And it's blog (The "Netter" came from here) The Netter is a crazy internet Guru who will show you how to be a leader in everthing internet. Well, if you're on today, I will be too. CYA

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