Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The NETTER REPORT Vol. 9 2nd Edition

To be successful growing Powerfitz.com and our vision for it, the work has been multiplying as we look to take advantage of the holiday seasons this year. While the months fly by, we are including new content and connections from which to deliver our news to. All blogs are being regularly updated, as is the Powerfitz.com homepage. Set up like a blog, the new format for Powerfitz.com is to keep our visitors updated on what is going on in our internet world.

Team Nitrousfitz just completed the 2008 NHRA drag race season. Now that the focus is on the holidays, we are attempting to add 50 new products each day. After completion of the Halloween Costume campaign, we will be doing more winter tires and Christmas products. 2009 will see more auto parts as the new NHRA season opens, and throughout the first 2 quarters of 2009, we will be adding over 3000 new information sources linked to one of our revenue sources.

What the NETTER report was designed to do is offer some insight into what brought us to where we are, and how we develop a winning plan which relies on our own development of friends and recommendations to make us successful.

Look for training opportunities in 2009.

You can sign up for THE NETTER TRAINNING CAMP at powerfitz@powerfitz.com. Please enter that as the subject of the email, and I will handle the request accordingly.

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