Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Social Bookmarker

The Internet is still run by users. I'm a user. You're a user. What we do when we are "using" continues to be influenced by the latest trends in search results and what others are using when they go online. If you asked me five years ago how to find things online, I would tell you to insert a phrase into Yahoo's search engine, and pick through the results. Not any more.

I wonder how long it would take for me to say the word "social" when talking about the Internet today? Not because I like the word, but because the Internet has suddenly become a viral social environment where everything is "suggested" and "recommended" rather than "resulted". The good ole days of search engine dominance is going away, and you can see that in the multiplying numbers of online social networks and social network "users".

You want users. I want users. We just don't want to be used. That paradigm is how search engines are going to be less relied on when consumers go looking for information online. Search engine results are only results. It takes more than a good web designer to turn visitors into clients because these new clients want your designer to be available when they need them. Not only should you be prepared to describe your message statically, but your message now needs a life of its own to be truly a viable product.

The average online session is increasing while the time spent on business or shopping sites is down. This is a direct result of social networks that are retaining the dominant percentage of time spent at one location, while the number of links to outside sources from social sites is increasing dramatically. What this statistic shows is that while people spend more time on the social site, they are clicking through and making sales using recommended links offered through their network of friends on social and bookmarking sites whose networks have exploded in numbers in 2008.

One way to give your message a voice is by presenting your message socially. If you are not going to develop this now, you will have to in the future. Where the online community goes, so goes all the business that can be retained from those users who continue to alter the way they interact with the Internet. It is our experience that more online visitors will be using social sites to communicate with friends and colleagues while they click through recommended information linked to the network through social bookmarks.

Now that you know a little more about where the Internet is going, we hope that it has helped show how you should be taking advantage of this trend. That sounds simple right? It actually is, but for many website owners, the use of social bookmarks is not being utilized after an investment has been made to create on online information source from which to spread a personal or business message. Beginning to get your business profiles created and updated is as easy as leaving us a comment on this blog or by email at powerfitz@powerfitz.com

We will create your business profiles in over 50 social networks and social bookmarking sites before you have to pay us anything. Choose your level of involvement, and begin to see regular updates and connections being made from the top social networks. Facebook, MySpace, Symbaloo, Propeller, Digg, Diggit, Googlebookmarks, Ask.com, Ask.Jeeves, plus, plus, plus!

Average cost per profile created $1
Average cost for news submission $.50
Average cost for unique content article (300 words) $5

Facebook friends (5 per day)
Myspace friends (20 per day)

Things you will need:

email address (we can create one for you if needed)
Profile Picture (we can insert one for you)
Birth date

Things we will do:
Use your existing website or blog to link to.
Create a website or blog to link to.

Discuss themes and design of profiles after initial profile has been created.
Average cost of theme work $5

You can always go to http://www.powerfitz.com to see how we are utilizing some of these tools directly from our home page.

A.W.E. Houston
Francis Walsh

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