Monday, October 27, 2008

The New is Definitely NOT the old!

Monday, October 27th caused me to interact with designer-daily, so I took the opportunity to write a post about my favorite new design.

It is not the old standby that gets my emotions and creative juices flowing anymore. Internet design is something else though. My natural attraction to visual stimulus is easily placated, but my need for updated information controls the impulse to whittle away hours on useless sites. The internet is not new to me.

Back then I created a pack of carshows to give myself something to write about. Something my fans would need to plan their schedules, something to get them there. Not anymore. Now my visitors will dive into my information for exactly what they want. They'll even bring it with them if I recommend that the best way to get something back, is to become involved. And we don't even have to be friends.

Now it seems I'm just so many seconds behind my friend who just posted something online. But this is about design is it not? What design is my favorite? where you can find me duplicating and visualizing what excites me about that present form of information. Am I interacting, am I reading, am I finding out something

It's like sending out a scout plane to search for new land masses from which to grow a new base. My empire is only as big as the land I build. Tools of expansion? Words. I may use less voice but my words are growing into streams of information. Take the best features of design and build something to put words into or pull out of, and the new design of the internet is old again. My new design features excellent writing with instant interaction while traveling around to various locations online. Stop into The Internet Buddy System and pick up a friend to surf with. Recommend together. That's my new, I wonder how long it will be before it's not just and idea anymore?

Now that I've given myself a moment to write a random thought down, I'll tell you what my new favorite design is. It's the shared desktop Symbaloo. I found it on a scouting mission to Social Marker. A new landmass from which I can place all my new news. Do you Symbaloo? Fully integrated shareable desktops perfect for my attraction to visual aspects of great design features. Because I need to access quality information to digest and report on, I will have plenty of reasons to discover if this recommendation is warranted.

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