Friday, September 28, 2007

The Netter Report Vol II 1st Edition ~ The company you choose.

Choosing the companies you will publish for in hopes that money will be made sounds like a shot in the dark. There are a number of ways to distribute your information's location, drawing visitors from originating URL's, but when they enter your site, what do they see? What do you want them to see? How will you distribute the information in a way to attract higher click ratios and earnings per click. The following information can be used to access the information directly, for affiliate sign-ups, and as an example of the companies you can have working for you using affiliate programs hosted on your own webspace.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Netter Report Vol I 5th Edition So you built your affiliate page, but nothing is happening.

Even when something is happening, it may not be providing you with the motivation you need to push on with building and marketing. It is not something you can just let sit there. There was a time that pulling high rankings was as easy as building the right item in the right place, and 90 days later you wuld hit the heights of ranking if you put just a little work into creating and marketing.

Today's work is the progress to building the financial success that is easily mantained. Our business is to keep up the writing, and construction. Navigation of pages and links are the key to earning visitors' business. What do you need to have available when the user searches for something? How do you get the key words and content text in the correct places to be ranked and searched easily. We've inserted the text. We've entered the html in the right places. And now you see the visitors coming. They're coming but where are they going? They need to stop and buy something. They need to click the next click to see what they're looking for.

This is what's going on at We have always been working with all the subjects we cover. 20 years of Houston event planning can be secured at Houston Banquet Planner. Drag Race updates from the NHRA Division 4 South Central Region from Nitrousfitz Race Team, a 3rd Generation Sportsman Drag Race Family. 4Seasons Holiday Store with something special for every holiday of the year. Pennybids is America's favorite Indian Head Cent Collector, looking to buy and sell Indian Head Cents from 1859-1909. Research in Medicine of Herbal Remedies offers Vegan news and an Herbal Remedy Store.

This information is posted by the Netter, and is being promoted to secure financial return for the operation of the programs offered by A.W.E., the Affiliate Master of the brand. The goals will be to create over 50 products lines to serve the internet visitor to Demanding high rankings from a diversified subject base, Powerfitz and the affiliate partners will generate revenue from the content available online.

Currently 4Seasons Holiday Store is increasing the keyphrase list daily for Halloween costume searching variables. The Subdomain rim.powerfitz is generating solid unique entries, but has not yet returned a sale from those visits. We will be generating new ways for visitors to purchase the products offered, or at least highlight special products and/or deals at the top of pages.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Netter Report Vol I 4th Edition When building your online content, upgrade everyday and you will reap the rewards.

For the website owner, what you get is what you get. You just bought a pile of stagnant information. If you're smart, you are receiving assistance from someone who knows what they're doing, AND they want to progress your projects as much as they want to progress their own. Don't let the stagnant website just put you there. Make your website a part of the new Web2.0 internet environment. Make your website content rich, and user friendly. Do it today.

The purpose of the Netter Report for webmasters is utilizing the best online tools to make your financial future bright. Webmasters understand what it takes to deliver unique visitors to a webspace. The Netter will report on the latest upgrades to the Netter Nett. update completed 09/23/07. Index.html updated to attracted deeper linking for visitors statistics, and conversions. is the example to follow. Continually updated content to increase in size and quality will deliver higher search engine ranking, and visitor appeal.


Report from The Netter Vol I 3rd Edition

The Netter Report is designed to showcase much of the Netter work with making money online. To register for a Netter Training course please visit this link and leave your email address to see if your accepted into the next 6 week Netter Training Course at A.W.E.

What's up?We've been neglecting you but know that I'm keeping my head in this box until money pops out. I mean it.

The work being done is here:

4Seasons is going to be the "Holiday Netter" home for everything holidays. As you can see right now the holiday is Halloween, and I have just finished the store. I think it turned out reall well. I'm checking bandwith because of the way the page is made, and it seems that I am not having a problem there. Probably because the images are hosted somewhere else and are only linked to the page.

What do you think?

The associated blog (which everything has now too) is:

Key phrases include:

houston nitrous oxide dealer 3 8.3 % adult super premium chewbacca costume 2 5.5 % powerfitz 2 5.5 % officially licensed transformer costume 2 5.5 % leg avenue princess snow white costume extra small 1 2.7 % looney toon halloween costume toddler 1 2.7 % vinyl frankenstein headpieces 1 2.7 % lil bo peep costume extra large 1 2.7 % child red fishnet tights and bodysuits 1 2.7 % star wars child deluxe stormtrooper costume large 12-14 1 2.7 % licensed star wars costume distributor 1 2.7 % transformer optimus prime costume size 14 1 2.7 % nitrousfitz 1 2.7 % adult winnie the pooh boots 1 2.7 % white gorilla costume 1 2.7 % toddler transformer costume 1 2.7 % houston herbal dealer 1 2.7 % toddler snow white headpiece 1 2.7 % optimus prime costume 12-14 1 2.7 % halloween costumes- frankenstein head piece 1 2.7 % 3t toddler scarecrow costume 1 2.7 % houston nitrous refill station 1 2.7 % houston nitrous oxide distributor 1 2.7 % 4seasons holiday store 1 2.7 % herbal remedies 1 2.7 % gorilla costume extra large 1 2.7 % child s elvis suit 1 2.7 % halloween costume dealer 1 2.7 % 1 2.7 % snow white scarecrow 1 2.7 % nitrous refills houston


with 71 keywords My prediction is $250 in profit. That means it needs to sell $2500 in costumes. I'll let you know..BUY A COSTUME!So, that has had me going for the past 10 days. Building blogs for everything is time consuming too.

Powerfitz the home page is going to get a facelift too. Not sure what, but I don't like the auction ads, they sometimes don't show products. So, not for the homepage.

Here's the blog:

The subdomain:

I havn't added anything for a week now. The last thing I added was the Native Remedies page. It's cool for now.And the blog:

This stuff is hooked up in its own right. I get about 15 unique visitors a day to some information about this section

This is where I need to go next. Keep building this, and I'll get my affiliates built. Nothing really going on there, I havn't been marketing to affiliates so I need this content to drive affiliates..And it's blog (The "Netter" came from here) The Netter is a crazy internet Guru who will show you how to be a leader in everthing internet. Well, if you're on today, I will be too. CYA

Friday, September 21, 2007

Report From the Netter Vol I 2nd Edition

Affiliates with Earning money making affiliate training center HERE

The primary teacher of computing skills should be experience only after the training in the use of electronic technology and keyboard prowess. The Netter came to learn that the best tool for building online businesses is content. Content drives the Search Engines, Content delivers visitors, content makes the sale when you can't be there. To get online, you must build online. Building online for business is much more than the information about yourself. You must become an expert in a subject, then you must construct a great way for people to review what you are expert in.

To build a passive income stream, you must build your website. Take the leap from internet user to webmaster. The term describes exactly what it takes to make yourself known online. Become the master of your subject matter, and represent that content in such a way as people surfing the net can find it, and then use it.

The Netter's first foray into website building was to use what was available, and make it free. There are still tools available today that will allow you to buiuld and create online content for free. If you just want to post information about a subject, then using any of these tools is great for building a subject content base that can be built upon and used to generate hits and page views for you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Netter Report Vol I

The title could have easily been "Reports from the GUTTER", considering where everyone starts from and where most of them end up.
The advent of the computer for me was somewhere in the '85 area. My best friend who happens to be my brother purchased his first AMD box and so began the love for this tool of expression.
Before this, there wasn't much to do but have a circle of friends, and interact with them on a totally physical plane of existence. Regardless of ability of charm, you had to survive face-to-face with the rest of the world. What an awful way to live.
Now, Empire could be played, and the beginning of the experience of role-play, and electronic interaction began. Soon the ideas were flowing, and the fingers flying to produce original content and information that aided us in our daily lives, or for future use, when the world would catch on to this new "toy".
Zip forward 10 years and now the real world of computing was happening for us. Content, business, news of millionaires being made, were running through our heads and how were we going to get there. We had experienced and practiced enough effective computing to consider that anything was possible if the directives were followed.
What happened next is a good example of what not to do, though the value of the experience was priceless, having to recreate something similar but different is going to be the challenge.
because this seems to be running long, look for the next volume to be under another topic.
Please read and reply to this as it stands. Do you have questions? Ask. Ridicule? Laugh. Whatever you find interesting or non interesting, comments are always welcome.
The List of current listings is large, and can be found at our portal Here you will find what interests us most. All these content sources were created by the A.W.E. All Walsh Enterprise. We are looking to increase unique traffic for the following subjects: Nitrous Oxide for Automotive horsepower and Drag Racing, coin Collecting of American Indian Head Cents, Event Planning, Herbal remedies and natural medicine research, Holidays, Food Services, Blogging, Gaming, Oil Industry, GYK "Get Your Kif", SkinClean, and more, so much more.
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