Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Flesh Farewell Trilogy

The author extends an invitation to read the first in a trilogy of Flesh Farewell fictional works from the new breakthrough writer Damian Walsh.

The virgin release of "Carne Vale" has been released on facebook to fans of fictional suspense and thrills. The first book comes out of the heart of New England, in the spring of life Rick Waters is heading for a fate much like his oldest brother Paul.

Rick Waters left town with a carnival to escape the sentence handed down on his twenty first birthday by a judge in Palmer. He was going to be free, but at what cost.

The district courthouse in Three Rivers, Massachusetts could be mistaken for a small Quaker church by anyone not familiar with its use. The courtroom is part of a single floor building with an entrance at each end and one entering the middle of the building off of Main St. When it was empty of defendants and police, judges and jurors, the courtroom looked like a sanctuary.

The presiding judge sits in a raised, legal pulpit, straddled by two lower tiers. On his right sat the prosecutor and on the left a witness chair. Below them, spanning the width of this legal alter, sat the clerk of courts. The defendants for the day sit in pews. Before the start of the day the clerk does a roll call of people in attendance to organize the cases and after each defendant had been ordered to comply, the clerk would call out another name until the list was finished. Halfway through the day they called out his name.

"Rick Waters"

He slid out of the pew. There was a mark on the floor where all the defendants would stand when their case was called. As he passed through the swinging door of the wooden railing that separated the courtroom from the gallery, it creaked its announcement at the arrival of the next offender. The courtroom would become quiet as each case was heard.

The judge continued flipping through his record as Rick stood in front of the altar. They were plenty of records to look through. The prosecutor's point of view was that it was time to send Rick Waters in for some real consequences. Her recommendation was that because Mr. Waters had not completed any of his probationary duties, there was nothing keeping the court from confining him to complete the two year suspended sentence handed down ten months ago by a visiting judge.

"Your honor, Mr. Waters has been in and out of this courtroom on misdemeanor charges involving alcohol since he was approximately sixteen." "His non compliance with the terms of his probation gives us no other option but to confine him for the remainder of his sentence up to and until he completes the terms of his confinement or he completes a program of alcohol and life skills while incarcerated."

After the prosecutor finished with her recommendation the judge spoke. He looked up from the files in front of him and into the eyes of the defendant to make sure that he understood what was happening and why he was here.

"I am revoking your probation Mr. Waters." "Due to your inability to meet the demands of your probationary sentence, you must now submit yourself to confinement in the Hampden county jail for no less than six months and no more than twenty four months." "That period of confinement begins the thirtieth of January and will continue at the jail on York St. until you complete your sentence in full or are released after successfully finishing the program of life skills and alcohol abuse counseling inside of York St."

"Mr. Waters I recommend that you get your things in order." "You have five days until your sentence begins, don't do anything stupid before then." The gavel sounded and it was then that suddenly, magically, his public defender appear, if only to usher him toward the probation office.

"You're lucky, usually they just remand people right off to jail." "Make sure to check with the probation office and pay your fee before you go." "And I don't have to tell you what will happen if you don't show up in five days kid..."

As soon as he walked out of the courthou se Rick knew it was time to get out of town or he'd spend his twenty first birthday in jail and his twenty second too.

"As the arrival of a new year is approaching fast, I have been working hard to include you into everything that is important." "Get ready to have special access to the content that Powerfitz will be producing in 2010, and for anyone who subscribes to our content, you will get VIP treatment from all of the Powerfitz Publishing brands."

Carne Vale Fan Page on Facebook

Carne Vale by FD Walsh


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where will we go from here?

It's not about where you been (except prison), but where you're going.
Powerfitz.com is pushing forward into 2010 with new goals and ambitions
for the brands that fall under the Powerfitz umbrella. Nitrousfitz,
Over and Out, PartyLetter, PowerLetter, and the Holiday Letter are
going to be updated and monitored throught the rest of 2009 and into
the future.

Current trends for Powerfitz fall into the 'Social
Media' category. Now, the author of all these blogs can be followed on
Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fuzzywashere
The hope that as more and more fresh content is added to the blog rolls
of Powerfitz.com, new friends will soon follow. The most promising
output has come from the Wordpress blog hosted on the server of
Powerfitz.com 'Over and Out'. The renewed focus on this platform, and
the Facebook interactive, will motivate the author to produce even more
content, reports, and stories for the fans of Powerfitz.com and the
blog roll generated from Powerfitz.com. I recommend that my new friends
register as a user for 'Over and Out' to be able to interact and recommend directly with the author.

The news goes like this:

the latest Division 4 NHRA Sportsman event for TS46 and TD4200 was less
than fruitful. Both entries were out of the competition after the first
round, and due to the resulting points standing, TS46's season is over.
The bright side to this uneventful event is our Super Pro entry SP4550,
driven by Mrs. Walsh. She stands 4th in points for her track bracket
championship, and a trip to the Division 4 bracket finals in Ennis, TX
will be her opportunity for an invitation to Pamona in the winter.

the bracket finals are over, Houston raceway Park will be making up two
different bracket races, including a double points race which could
push our SP4550 into the top point position going into next year. Leave
the driver a comment or a 'Way to go' by typing out a couple nice words
below this post.

All drag racing should wrap up in November with a Thanksgiving race at Pine Valley Raceway near Lufkin, TX.

social media side of Powerfitz.com continues to see a large jump in
followers, friends, and comments to the content we produce. Facebook,
Twitter, and the Wordpress blog 'Over and Out' are being viewed by
thousands of visitors daily. Look for a re-organization of Google
Adsense listings and a better ROI after the latest updates to the site
and blogs.

Welcome to eveyone who finds this news fresh and
ready to duplicate. We recommend you leave us your thoughts so that we
can come and see what you're doing, and how we can join forces into the
future. The news is good, and good news is what we like to produce.




Writing for Money Online and Off: Where Does Social Media Fit In?

My efforts to collect my thoughts onto digital notepads and blog rolls and posts has led me to believe that I'm glad that I went into the world of social media BEFORE I actually got myself ready to produce content en-masse. Content you see, needs to be read. It takes the eyes oif the world to mould it into something better or as good as it is right now. Think about the countless blogs that are produced but not read, ever. I'm thinking about those everytime I write something new. But not so much now, because as I write, I communicate with my social friends online. Getting them to help me make better posts and include more news and information about me. They like to hear about what and how I am doing. Forget the information, give my friends something about me, and they are ready to come back for more.

The personal side of blogging takes over when you blog about your life and ambitions. While an internet marketer looks for the next referral or membership sign-up, a writer want thoughts to come into his head so that he can get them down inside his digital library for others to see. Making friends is easy, writing to the public is hard. Make friends first and let them tell how you are doing to get the most direction while you work. Writing is work, even if you love your job.

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These are the places you will find me, looking for a better way to organize my content into something that you can enjoy. We party, we race, we write, we laugh, we cry, we even make enough money to come back everyday and do it again.

I Write for Money Online, you should too if you think you got what it takes to make enough friends or quality content to make friends with. Over and Out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The News is Getting Better. The Economy is in the Dumps

There is no better time to get ahead. As the economy sinks, the smart worker will find the new ways to keep money coming in. As one of the first employed workers to lose their job in March of 2008, this guy did not waste the time given to learn a new way to earn income from my computer. Now that most of my marketing is done through the articles I write, I am also able to now earn more money than I was at my old job.

No fancy membership or training got me to where I am right now. Where am I you ask? I am here, writing an entry into one of my blogs becasue all my articles have been finished for today. I am writing this to let you know that I can help you find publihers who will accept and pay for your articles. No special experience or knowledge is required. Did you know that the average grade of writing that is most acceptable is at a sixth grade level? If you can hold an intelligent conversation with your friends, you can write an article that will earn you money. Let me give you some insight in how I am making $600 a week working 30hrs. Add an extra 20 hours of extra work and I can produce an average of $900 a week. Not bad for me, maybe enough for you too. If so, let me know at awewriter@gmail.com. Leave a comment or get intouch with me on Twitter @awewriter.

I'll be back to check on you soon.


Monday, January 12, 2009

What happened to @armano?

An interesting thing happened to someone I follow on Twitter. @armano has been a favorite of mine because his design features are fresh and compliment what is happening online right now. Using his experience in design and social networking, he has cultivated a following of expectant friends and fans.

Recent events from the posts of @armano have been unexpected, and show how hard it is to do something good in front of a large group of people. The two sides are represented by those who see his actions as so above reproach that any criticism is blaspheme and those, like me, who see a weakness in not doing what we do best. @armano does great presentations and creative, I do not think though that a foray into philanthropy did him any favors.

I am not charitable. As a small family, we donated under $100 last year. We did though, offer our time to a number of church, school, and family needs that without our help would not be able to benefit from our good deeds. So take away the money, or in this case, start asking for money, and I immediately look at the participants, the reason, and the promotion.

Using Twitter, Facebook, and his own personal connections combined with a method for donation, a sum of money was raised to help a deserving family threatened by domestic violence and/or abuse. A spouce and 3 children (one with downs syndrome) have no where to go. My man @armano and his small family decide the time had come to help, and @daniela was the one they were going to help.

Creatively successful @armano was successful and his goals achieved. Right? Heck no, he's dealing with reprecussions of the action (even though the cause again is irreproachable) and in an effort to control what percieved damage there may be, he went ahead and posted his last post (not the way to end what he started). In it he describes what has happened, gives links to the relevant information when asked, and informs those who may read how unprepared he was and unconscious to the ramifications prior to beginning the effort.

It looks like @armano has had to take a hit to his reputation while trying to do the right thing. Consider that with a proper plan and exit strategy, it would have been a leading example of how to do what he wanted to do.

Something that added to my inability to see this as a success was @armano now responsible for 5 children in bed at his house. Devotion and emotion should not be coupled with responsibility where the responsible parties seem to be no where in sight.

Do what it is you do best and let others take advantage of your gift. Changing direction suddenly requires an expertise in change that only few of us can muster.