Monday, February 8, 2010

Read CARNE VALE (Mardi Gras, Carnival season is here) Rick Waters Carny Fiction

The upcoming holidays are fast approaching.

Chinese New Year: Geng Yin (Year of the White Tiger) February 14th, 2010

Fat Tuesday February 16th (Mardi Gras)

Our favorite time of year is here. Not only do we have a new fiction titled CARNE VALE - Flesh Farewell, we also are fans of Geng Yin AND Mardi Gras. Next week will be spent celebrating just enough to be sure that we are really celebrating this year of prosperity and determination. "This year is the best year in a long time for an Aquarian born in the age of Aquarius. This year we say Farewell to the Flesh in the most symbolic and important festivals and celebrations of the year.

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"Who Dat"

With the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl, expect Fat Tuesday to extraordinary indeed. We will report from Bourbon Street all next week. Subscribers to CARNE VALE get special content directly from the author upon request.

FD Walsh


Introduction of Internet Streams (Pt 2)

Ask people who use the internet what they think of it today, and most will tell you that the think they know how to get around pretty well. The truth is, they really don't know what they're talking about. The next wave of internet savvy user will have more choice, closer relationships, and become better informed. The information they follow will be the information from friends who are connected and not only do they travel and use the internet for their own benefit, the broadcast a stream of their history as they go.

Portable, relevant, and digital, this stream of information will let friends and followers see what they saw, like it or not. The more social that the internet becomes, the more real the internet becomes. No longer will the flow of information be shaped by the writers, programmers, and businesses that promote it, but backing up each bit of information you can find on the internet, there will soon be a follow-up to the data. The follow-up comes from the websites and portals of streams that break down to each person who initiates a connection through one of the most popular and not so popular websites available today.

The practice is being used today on portable devices and desktops around the world. The most visited sites today are those that have hundreds of millions of users interacting with each other outside of business. The sites are using cookies and tracking software embedded in advertiser paid ads. So goes the way of the stream. Instead of a group of followers and fans leaving behind crumbs that others can find and follow, they will be reviewing and recommending not through words% but through actions. Traffic will be organically generated by a stream search bar which takes an excerpt of the information being viewed. Keywords will be used to find friends that share similar information and actively connect using a stream to interact with their friends. Here's an example of what I find most interesting about the whole stream thing. Imagine this: Sean Walsh is getting on the #25 train from the West Belt to Rice University in Houston. The trip takes forty two minutes and instead of cracking a book to study for his midterms he pulls his research pad out from his favorite rucksack, the on the had from his first year in high school. The leather is worn but it it reminds him of his parents, they always wanted him to excel in his studies and his pack proves that they are always on his side. With his pack on his lap and his research pad turned on and immediately he gets notification from his friends. Good morning Sean! Sarah is only other person from high school that goes to Rice and is always one first to say hello. Sarah leaves good mornings on stream the night before so when her friends log on they all now that she was thinking of them.

Sean smiles as he thinks of the small girl with dark hair who has become a great friend since coming to university. Sean minimizes Saran's notice to find a red alert flashing in his task bar. He clicks on the little red exclamation point to see his friend Rick Water's avatar come up in a separate window. Rick's status says "I have the Bio Research Notes on my blog" next to it is the link to his blog and when Sean clicks on the link, Rick is notified that one of his friends utilized his notes.

Sean, Sarah, and Rick are going to be the core group of users who have been utilizing social networks for most of their life. As they expanded their social circles at home, they also advanced their social circles world-wide. These kids will organize the world in such a way that no longer will advertisers be able to create information that will inevitably be read, they risk losing touch with the true user of information online and what they are enjoying unless they are a part of the lifestyle these users interact with. The local economy will be trimmed down to the truest of recommended and trusted shops and retailers. The streaming internet will be partial, private, and most of all, wanted by anyone who wants to be seen online. When Sean, Sarah, and Rick let you into their stream you will be able to take advantage of their expertise, their insight, their knowledge.

So Rick's research pad may be a great tool for him now, what, the iPad changed along with the Kindle. The manufacturer of the research pad rick uses included the best computing, reading, and traditional work tools all in one too. Rick can download and read any book in the world, he can write a book and publish it quickly, he can surf the web, internet, email, but all he really uses it for is school and stream gathering. Following the links his stream shows him or the part of the stream is likes to follow on that day.

rick gets streams from 192 of the best online friends you can find. He selected these streams because they are all relevant to him. to his likes and dislikes, his favorite sports team, race car driver, Rice University professors, classmates, and even from Trudy at his job. Trudy still likes cartoons and even though Sean won't admit it, he does to. So he can see what Trusy has been up to whenever he likes because his stream subscription have everything he needs to get the news he uses and nothing else.

Forget about keywords people, think