Sunday, September 28, 2008

Traffic Exchanges For More Traffic for YOU!

Our work has been to find the best way to make money doing the things we love to do. One things we love to do is Drag Race in the NHRA. We win becasue we learn. We learn by doing, and we do because we love to. Simple procedures carries big benefits when utilized in conjunction with complimenting programs and protocols. Some of the things that have worked for us in the past is traffic exchange sites that pay for viewing other websites with free advertising, or cash. The list we have for the ones we use will posted on September 29, 2008.

Check back tomorrow to see who we use to help boost traffic numbers and affiliate sign ups.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free Traffic! Direct More to YOU!

How to increase your website traffic with zero cost'. It's a bold statement don't you think. But, believe me it's true. You can increase your traffic by 1000% with no cost involved if you do it the right way. Continue reading if you want to know how.

I've outlined 5 ways to reach your target. But, please keep in mind that these are not the only ways that you can do to increase your traffic. There are hundreds of techniques to increase traffic. But these one are the proven one. I've used it personally. More importantly, these techniques can get you FREE traffic. You're money is saved in your pocket. Let's go to the first one.

Technique #1: Linking strategy

Linking strategy is the easiest way to get free traffic. When I say "the easiest way" it does not mean that you can ask everybody to link to your site and do nothing after that. Compared to other techniques that you'll discover, this one will take less time to do.

Here's how to do it. First select the site in your niche market. Be selective. Choose one that has a high traffic. Usually a high traffic site is pretty stingy to put link to your site. So, the key here is to be persistent. Ask them how many visitors do they received per month and if they could link to your site. If they don't answer your request, email them the second time.

Be persistent. If they don't want to link to your site, ask them to trade link instead (reciprocal link). This is the last resort you want to have.

Word of warning: Don't crowd your site with too many links. Only accept link trading if it's really worth it.

Technique #2: Offer Free eBooks or articles

You'll fall in love with this technique if you see what it can do to your site. This technique can create an excellent'Viral marketing' effect. It can multiply the no of visitors to your site in a matter of days.This most important thing about this technique is that to offer something that is really useful to your visitor. So useful that they can only get that information from you!

You need to the 'wants' in your need market. What problems do they encounter? Solve these problems and you have a killer articles or e-book that you can give away for free. Remember, don't sell it. Give it away for free. If you feel really reluctant to give your article or e-book for free, you can give your visitors a partial of it. But, make sure it's really useful. Don't forget to put your name and your contact information in this article or e-book. Usually, if you write an article, you need to include your resource box at the very bottom of your article.

The most important task in this technique is to offer a reprint right to your visitors. What this mean is that your visitors can publish your articles or e-book to anyone in any medium; email, Ezine, website or anything. But please state your condition: Include your contact information or resource box. This will create viral effect to your visitors.

Before I forgot, there is one particular e-book compiler that is good in doing this kind of task. The name of this e-book compiler is 'E-book Edit Pro'. With this compiler, you can offer your visitors a customizable e-book. This is a great incentive for them to distribute your article or e-book since they can put their name and information in it. If you like to know more about the excellent compiler, please visit:

Technique #3: Classified Ad

This is the most time consuming technique compared to all 5. While it is time consuming, it is really worth it.

Tips - This technique should be used together with the above technique. Let me explain:

First, you need to write an e-book or article that you can give it away for free. Then, you need have an autoresponder. If you don't have an autoresponder (your hosting company should provide this service for free), you can get one for free. Just type 'free autoresponder' in your search engine and you'll get hundred of sites that provided free autoresponder. If you're searching for excellent autoresponder, I'd like to suggest these autoresponder:

1. - Most online marketers used this service. You pay monthly to them for providing service. The most important feature is that you can personalize your autoresponder with your visitor's name. They also provide a free service. The only catch is that there will be an ad in your email.

2. - One of the first companies to provide autoresponder service. Try to visit their site if you want to learn more. Basically, it offers the same kind of service as

3. - You only need to pay one-time fees for this service since the software will be installed on your server. It's great in you don't want to pay high monthly fees. The only drawback for Autoresponseplus is that you need to have a little bit skill on how to install cgi (Common Gateway Interface) on your server.

Enough talking. Let's continue.

After you have your own autoresponder, place your free article in this autoresponder. Now, you need to advertise your autoresponder address in the classified ad website. Don't put your email address but your autoresponder address. The best part with this technique is that you can capture you visitor's email. You can contact them again and again if you have any offer in the future.

Technique #4: Deliver informational pack Ezine/newsletter

People surf the net to look for information. Out of 100, only 3 people surf the net to buy something. But others are doing some research or try to find something informational.

With this keep in mind, you can attract people to come to your site if you can deliver them timely information. By producing timely information, you glued these visitors to your site preventing them from going elsewhere. This can be done by giving them free newsletter or Ezine.

This is not an easy task because there is abundance of free information on the net. You need to give them something different from these 'free' stuff. Try to provide something unique in your Ezine. For example, if you're publishing music Ezine, try to make a deal with music label so that you can give special price to your subscriber. Make sure your subscriber cannot get this of kind if deal in other place. If you can create this unique proposition, you're already on top of the world. Your Ezine will spread like fire. More people will come to your site to subscribe your unique newsletter.

Technique #5: Offer affiliate program

This is the greatest FREE traffic generator technique out there. With this technique both parties win; you and your affiliate program participant. You get more traffic and sales, they get more money from referral commission.

This topic is really a large topic. I can write a whole e-book about how to create a successful affiliate program. But, I'll discuss the basic thing about affiliate program in here.

Basically, to create an effective affiliate program, you need to create an interest for your visitor's to join your affiliate program. You can do this by giving them high referral fees and marketing tools for them to use. Above all, you need to make them easy to promote your product or service. Don't make them do all the hard work. It is your job.

The next thing you need to do is to motivate them to spread the word about you. Contact them in a timely manner. Don't forget them after they've joined your program. Make them feel special. In fact, they are special since they are the one who will do the promotion and advertising.A well designed affiliate program can increase your website traffic and sales by unimaginable amount. But again, you need to devote all you effort in this technique if you want to have a successful affiliate program. Don't do it half way. Even if you've to work 18 hours a day to create your own affiliate program, it's really worth it in the future. The payoff is going to be thousand times your initial effort.

All of these techniques are free. You don't have to spend a dime on them. Try it on your site. I've tried all these techniques. And they work!

Nas Romli runs a site that help people to start their own home based business within 24 hours.Many have benefited from this service.Drop by at his site for more information about this amazing service:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Guaranteed Traffic Companies Exposed

A classic Pay-for-Traffic tale that should be read by every website and blog owner who is attracted to these Pay-Per-click trafic generators.

A few years ago, we were struggling to drive traffic to one of our websites. We were immediately overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and skill it took to successfully drive traffic to our site. We had assumed that if we created a site that was worth seeing, it would be seen. We could not have been more wrong.

We ran into a number of companies who offered to take over this daunting task for us. We decided to try out a number of them to see how our competition stacks up.

They offered many packages of visitors. I remember my first purchase. I bought 5,000 targeted hits from them for $10. My product cost $15 at the time, so I figured at least 1 person out of 10,000 would purchase. The days went by, and my counter went crazy.

The Results

After our contract expired, all my hits had been delivered as expected. I did not have one sale!!
I Should Have Learned My Lesson! Thinking this had to be a fluke.. I switched to another company, and bought the same package.


I couldn't figure out what was going on. I was confident my ad's were written well. The site was well designed and planned, and my product was in demand...

I Started To Investigate

Frustrated, I started to investigate exactly where these visitors were coming from. I discovered, that I had fallen victim to one of the most common scams on the internet. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first discovered the secrets these company's use to drive traffic to the clients sites.

I checked the script I had installed that was used to check detailed stats on all of our traffic. All 10,000 of our hits came in 2 days, and all 10,000 of them were logged in for less than 3 seconds. Not a single one of them navigated past our main page. My stats script will also tell me where my traffic was referred from, and what keywords they used. All of these hits had the same referral, and didn't use keywords. This last fact isn't important, because any company, good or bad, will redirect their traffic sources through their domain. This is just to keep competitors from stealing their sources (good or bad).

I believe that these company's are going to pay for their greed and dishonesty sometime in the near future.

In the next few pages, we are going to reveal exactly how these greedy companies scam you. This will help you avoid such scams, and put your money to good use, instead of wasting it.
You Will Be Shocked at what these company's do to send you traffic!

This is the most immoral, unethical, and dishonest business practice I have ever come across online. These companies know exactly what they're doing. After all, if their traffic methods work, wouldn't they use it themselves? Why is a company offering millions of hits to their visitors, when they are only getting 10-15 hits a day? They don't use their own methods, because they know their hits are useless.

I fell victim to this scam, as have thousands of others. These companies give you a sales pitch something like this...

Suppose that you sell a product for $25 and that in a worst case scenario only 1% of your visitors purchase your product.

An average site gets less than 100 hits per day (3,000/month). Thus, approximately 30 people will purchase the product every month (1% of 3,000). That means you are taking in only $750 per month (30 x $25)

With our service: Suppose the site owner (you) purchases 100,000 visitors with our service. Using our assumption that only 1% of visitors will purchase the product, a total of 1,000 purchases will be made. That's a value of$25,000! And that is if only 1% of visitors purchase the product! Think about the return on your investment!

If you're like me, you got pretty excited when you read that. After all, there's no conceivable way you can't at least earn your investment back, right? WRONG!!

You give in, order their service, and at first, you get excited, because traffic is pouring in! Soon you realize that your money is earning you nothing. In fact it's costing you your bandwidth, and not delivering any results! Of course no company, no matter how credible they are, can guarantee you sales. That depends highly on your ad copy, price, and the demand of the item. I can guarantee though, that some of these company's have thousands of clients, and not one of their clients has ever made a sale.

I bought my traffic... Now where are all my orders?

Now remember, worst case scenario is that 1% of your visitors will buy your product. Right? WRONG! If that's the case, then where are your orders? These company's place these ads right in your face when you visit their website. This way, your sold before you even see the price, and you'll buy into their high prices. Naturally you are going to believe that you'll pay off your "investment" right away, and make a ton of extra money. After all, you spent hours writing that "perfect ad," so you're going to draw in a lot more than 1%.

I'll let you in on a secret. No matter how good your ad is, it doesn't do any good if it's never read.
You sit there and watch traffic come flying in at hyperspeed. Then they fly out. You don't make any sales. What do you do now? If you're like me, you're going to email them, complaining how you didn't make any sales from their services. They're going to tell you some variation of the following...

"I'm sorry you didn't make any sales. If you read our terms, you would see that we can only guarantee that we send the traffic to you. The sales are your responsibility. We cannot guarantee sales, because we are not involved in the writing of the advertisement."

This leaves them clean from delivering any refunds. Trust me, they won't refund your money!
Starting to get suspicious? The truth is your traffic was delivered in a misleading way.

You were sent FAKE VISITORS, or GHOST VISITORS, as they are widely called online.
Have you been tracking your traffic?

Many people don't realize that there are free scripts that you can install on your site to track detailed statistics about your traffic. I'm not talking about counters. Counters are inaccurate, plus they don't tell you anything about your visitors. If you actually monitor your traffic, you can learn lots of things about your visitors. Including the countries they're from, their IP addresses, the time they came to your site, the time they left your site, the site's they were referred from (google, yahoo, etc..), and the keywords they used to search for your site.
My statistics were shocking!

The traffic I ordered had no IP address, no search engine, none of my visitors navigated past the front page! I paid for these "Guarantee'd Real Visitors," and I have the right to know where they come from. Guess what, I figured it out! A few of the hits that they had sent, slipped up, and didn't disguise their origin as well as they should have...

I kept seeing the same IP address over and over and over again about 900 times in one day. I thought somebody out there really must love my web site or it's the scam hit company I hired. Well I clicked the link that night which was labeled with an IP address, not the actual web site .com name itself just the numbers of the IP address....I clicked that and wouldn't you know it? I received just a site telling me it doesn't exist.

With my campaign still running the next day along with all the "unknown" places I seen a peculiar url and had to click that to see where over 500 of the same people were coming from and I ended up in Pop Up hell! You know that hell don't you? Where you are swarmed with so many pop ups that you literally have to pull the plug on your computer to get out of it? The sad part about that link is that all the Pop Ups were from PORNO sites!

It's no wonder these companies don't tell where they deliver their traffic from! After all, what ethical business wants to advertise on those disgusting adult sites?

So you want to know exactly how this all works?

After following the slipped up referral link, I was directed to a website where anyone can post their own free adult site. (If your going to try and follow these links yourself, I would suggest switching your browser to text only mode, as I did. Otherwise you'll get flooded with pop-ups, and disgusting porno pictures.)

Now we have determined that my traffic was coming from this site, but I didn't see my site at all...

I switched back to my traffic log, and hit refresh. I WAS STUNNED! At the top of my log, I had 12 hits to my site, all with my IP address!!! By viewing this site just once, I recieved 12 hits!!
I switched over to Alexa is a site ranking service, that can tell you how popular a site is. This adult site that I was listed on was recieving 786,376 hits per day, on average during that week. Multiply that by 12, and that's where all my traffic came from!
So now we know what site is generating the traffic, but how are they disguising the IP address. Why wasn't my site ever shown on screen to me? The answer lies in the HTML source code...

Here are the secret codes!!

One of the tricks that these companies use is a the way they hide where your traffic is coming from. The way they do this is through a redirect code. A redirect code is simply a cade that webmasters use on their websites to take one website and send it another way.

The biggest trick is how they can mysteriously load your site multiple times, without you seeing it. They do this by embedding your site into theirs, and making it tiny. So tiny in fact, that it looks like a period. So instead of using periods at the end of their sentances, they just embed their clients sites sites to look like a period.

Try it for yourself (This part of the article was not included (THE NETTER))
Open up your HTML editor, or notepad, and create a sample page using this code.
Testing the Embed Script

Now open it in your web browser. What you get is a small box in the left hand corner of your website. For this example, I made the code 5x larger than these companies do. So you can see how easily they disguise these sites. Inside that little square, is actually an entire website!!
So your thinking, they just embed my site into that little square, 10-15 times on the page, and that's where my hits come from. Yes, and No. Essentially that's how it works, but if they put your website into that square, you could easily trace the traffic back to the adult site. So what they do is put their redirect page into that square, and redirect it to your site, so now it looks like all the traffic is coming from them.

So let's put it all together.

You order traffic from a traffic company.

The traffic company creates a free adult site and lists it into a directory of free adult sites. According to our alexa review these sites get 786,376 hits per day. If their redirect page gets 12 hits every time someone loads the adult site, that means they have an average of 9,436,512 hits per day, which they divide among their clients.

For some of the Monster Traffic Companies, 9.5 million visitors a day just isn't enough. They can easily turn that 9.5 million visitors, into as many as they need. Instead of embedding the redirect page. They embed a page full of these periods. That way, when their "period farm" page loads, they can have as many sites load as they want.

They simply change the redirect page to whatever client they want the traffic sent to.
Your counter goes crazy, and all your hits are delivered. You never make a sale. Now you can understand how you could have thousands of visitors sent your way, and never make a sale. Your site is never really displayed. The traffic company has delivered exactly what they said they would, and are clear from any refunds. Our Company, Provides You with REAL traffic, that you can track, and get detailed statistics on. Our Sales have quadrupled since we started using this ourselves. Check Out for more information. Interested in becoming an ethical traffic reseller? We have a dedicated website just for resellers at wholesale rates as low as $1 CPM (per 1000). Want to use this article on your site? Please do, just leave our name and link attached.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Report Card

The Netter Report report card September 2008: Good News and More News.

The construction of recent additions to the network continues. From the inclusion of increased free bandwith arms of the promotional program, Seasonal visits are up dramatically due to classified advertising that is fee-free based. Conversions have occured, and the trend for more sales is forcasted to occur until Halloween week from the 4Seasons Costume Shoppe activity. The addition of new advertising and successful promotions from The Holiday Netter, costume sales have averaged $1.00 per 1000 impressions of affiliate banners for the sale of Halloween costumes. This represents a milestone in The Netter's progression into branding the 4Seasons name.

Interested members of the blogging community who cannot afford to wait any longer for monies to begin to be deposited in accounts that bear their company name, should pay close attention to the techniques that are being used by The Netter. They have proven themselves in the past for great production in the parts distributor business, and now will be developing an entirely passive income source from scratch. The program includes training for followers of the Netter who want to know more about the time it took to complete all the tasks that were completed before the thought of money was at hand. Now that it is happening, it is important to realize that this "seasonal" sales event will need to be replaced with a non-cyclical sales program to be promoted in the same manner.

What can be found here will be something that anyone can duplicate. For FREE. Outside of some of the hosted sites, The Netter contends that this whole program can be replicated on an entirely free host. While the current Terms of Service at most free servers restrict what you can and cannot do with their bandwith, there are still opportunities to advertise and host a completely passive revenue source for free. The importance of costless services for the new web promoter means that with the right time investment, any new developer can see some fast results after a limited amount of time has transpired.

We look to enhance our current unique visitor, impression, and click through rate by tracking different advertisements. We will show the results of our efforts as new milestones are reached so that you can see that this information is crusial to you and your hopes of making money online with a website, blog, and affiliate programs that work.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Constructive Criticism

The Netter will be developing this list of things to do, and things that were already done for the development of our Blog Mall hosted at

The goals we want to achieve are numerous. Beginning with the construction and linking of all blogs and websites, is now ready to develop the best methods to acquire new customers and readers who look to Powerfitz Blog Mall for their informational and product needs from the directory of products and services we are best known for.

Drag Racing
Affiliate Programs
Commission Junction
Coin Collecting
Nitrous Oxide
Social Networks

These are some of the subjects that can be found to have great information posted from the Netter on all the blogs and sites that the Netter is responsible for developing.

In order to achieve some of the results that are needed to be successful, the smart blogger will now what they can understand, and what they cannot. The best way to start is for free. The Netter began in 1998 with free Yahoo Geocities sites to develop a program of news and announcements for a successful autoparts and auto show company. The use of the internet was for marketing and sales leads. Through the beneficial ranking of Yahoo, the business grew, and The Netter was successful.

In 2008, an new program of marketing and product information from was established in partnership with Houston Banquet These two companies are operated by A.W.E. Enterprises in Houston Texas. The Netter comes from a team of internet gurus who are bringing success to the new endeavors that have become the Powerfitz Blog Mall.

The long list of blogs and sites that are updated daily by The Netter is growing. The need for concise messaging and news from The Netter shows how a complete linked package of news, information, affiliate programs, and great internet reports on the subjects we love drives the future productivity.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Herbal Remedy catalog for use online!

Here are our new product listings from Native Remedies. Research in Medicine is a great place to find products like these.

Visit out Research in Medicine blog for the complete list.

The Netter Report Vol 15 5th Edition ~ Where are you going to grow next?

To get the best results of all your efforts of online business growing, collect all the work you have done to-date and get it organized. Sure, there might be one good program, and a dozen bad programs, but by having a central place to send all your collected visiotrs to, you can begin to see the benefits of diversity in numbers.

Do you have a website? Do you also have a blog or two? Social Network profiles? Pay-per-click, affiliate programs? everything AND the kitchen sink can be found in monst active marketers portfolio. What separates the good from the great, is an ability to brand them all together under one roof for all to see. While visitors come and go from one place to another, put all your eggs in one basket, and find out how much more business you can get by association.

Powerfitz has been promoting a number of different opportunities to earn income online. Products, programs, and the like have become quite the base of information for a number of visitors who look for similar subjects. As the promotions continue, the major search engines will follow the lead of the traffic, and indexing will begin under the singular identity.

Suggesting that you stop what you are doing to get going on this project is not what we reccommend. Always stay on top of the best performers, and then intergrate the poor performers in properly placed locations to increase total traffic over the known network. Once you know what gets the best return, you can begin to adjust links and offers to the more prominent location in hopes of attracting more visitors to the whole.

The Netter has been promoting Powerfitz as a portal to all the information and networks created from the work that was done previously, and the work that will be done in the future. Pay attention to traffic and requests for information, and you can begin to customize your business information to generate more business online.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What works best is a lot of hard work.

What have we here? A blog, no maybe two, no maybe thre, four, five, and look, a wetsite, and classified ads too. What we have here is someone who want to makeit, and make it big....eventually.

The hopes and dreams of webmasters everywhere is to oneday make it big doing what they love to do (considering all the time they do it). Now that they plan is composed, and the pieces are built, bringing them all together into one cohesive brand is going to be the hard part if it fails, but the best part if it succeeds.

The Netter has reported to many viewers that their ability can only be overshadowed by their tenacity and strength. Giving up before getting going will never achieve for you the benefis of success. Getting to the top has all the cons of starting at the bottom. Put together the pieces, work the plan, and work it some more if you truly expect to become successful with the online endeavors you may have.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Netter Report Vol 15 1st Edition ~ Getting out for the day.

The Netter has been providing promotion services for online companies throughout the 1st 1/2 of 2008. Now that the contracts are up, and the Netter is back for more basic needs, the time has come to develop great outlets to receive the content that The Netter wants to spread about where to go for the tools to make money online. Using the blog outlets and webpages of, The Netter Report will push the development of the AWE Network until the tide has turned from singular to plural. Contact The Netter Report with inquiries and offers of help or work.

Authoring over 250 articles a month, The Netter is going to begin to do for you what he has done for them. Build it great, build it fast, and get it to pay now.

The way to more business is through the clients you have waiting to buy.

Get more attention from the people who want what you have to offer. Don't forget to take the time to promote your business to qualified leads who look for the best information and products available online.