Monday, July 30, 2018

The Netter Report Top of the Food Chain Websites for Wasting Time

The Netter Report

The Netter Report though it would interesting to bring this top of the lists, list on what websites are good for wasting time in  2018. The following websites are going to take you away from life and insert you into the content of the day.

The Oatmeal has Comics, Blogs, Books, and More; Content!

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The Oatmeal makes the list because of its enormous library of content available to be reviewed when you’re ready.  The website features comics, blogs, books, and shopping. Some posts are extremely interesting while some not so much. Some titles which have won readers over are, “its TACOCAT”, “Can You Keep a Secret”, and one more, “How to Receive a Crappy Christmas Present”. It’s these kinds of interesting, hooks that will keep bored people coming back for more. Even content creators can find some inspiration with The Oatmeal. We recommend it to you.

BuzzFeed is an OG Waste of Time

We already know how to get political hot water, just do something that BuzzFeed can make viral and they’ll do just that. Buzzfeed represents the trendy of the trendy. Conversations, topics, hot-button issues, race, politics, war; it’s all there for you to waste your time on. My favorite place on any of these sights are in the comments. The real jewels of any topic lies in the imagination and maturations of the commenters.

Check back as we grow this list from two to twenty! ~ Netter

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Google Assistant Capable of Specializing News Feeds for Individual Households: How did they get so smart?

A Google Assistant Read Your Mind? Here’s What Happened When it Did!

Google Assistants purchased and placed inside homes, Google Assistants places in vacation properties or Google Assistants places in an office are capable of delivering rich content through voice commands and the availability of internet connectivity. Each household with a Google Assistant inside it will find Google Assistants come with new tools. One them has really made an instant impact. Google Assistant can create responses to inquiries that are individualized and rich in dynamic content.  This new form of News Feed appear to be where Google’s Assistant and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking us. They use the information they get from us communicating with them to develop personalized responses that have really impressed the market. The missing link is that listening to our directions slash inquiries slash search words to give us access to a rich environment of content from the distribution of specialized content means we are giving up our identity to the Google Assistant.

How Much of Me do you Want? Google Assistant Wants to Know You

Google Assistants gets asked a lot of question, which they respond to with pointed answers, but the owners of Goggle’s Assistant have reported both pros and cons of the device. One problem is users sometimes feel like they’re being watched. If you tend to believe there is someone watching you, having a Google Assistant may not be for you. The assistant is designed to listen for requests and subtly the information you give to the AI program, becomes tangible, relevant responses from a piece of technology that is coming into its own. When you think about your assistant listening in on your private discussions, you might think again about how your tiny device has so much relevant information about you, literally. There have been times when miscommunication with an assistant caused trauma to the owners. Sometimes technology gets out of hand; set boundaries before opening up.

So You Think You Want A Google Assistant. Google Assistant Comes With its Own Tools

What is happening today in households across the nation is Google’s Assistant is slowly learning the habits of family members it comes in contact with regularly and combining that knowledge to deliver specialized information focused on the likes and dislikes of a particular user. This gives Google a leg up on its competition. With the way companies are integrating intelligent technology, individuals should examine the habits of the machine and then check the habits of themselves. If you think Google Assistant is there just for you, the more research you do you’ll find that Google Assistants everywhere are learning everything they can about us in order to one day predetermine the likes and dislikes of its user. In order to do this, Google uses their AI technologies and machine learning capabilities of the Assistant to recognize the request, collect relevant information, and deliver it a way that the end user is capable of remaining efficient while obtaining information via Google’s Assistant. Google is introducing developer tools that help to target queries specifically based on content derived from online sources. Now publishers can highlight information specific to a certain subject matter like, “Hey Google, what’s going to happen tonight in the sky”? The device will now be able to crossover different content outlets to return snippets of all the information is had uncovered. This makes Google’s Assistant more able than ever. New tools to go along with new, directives make this Google Assistant just one level below full capabilities which will soon run unasked by the user. Google’s intent to be the easiest home device to use is now paired with Google’s goal of being the most useful assistant on the market.

Google and Amazon Play in the Sandbox of Content Curation

It’s been a battle between two enormous companies. Amazon and Google are mixing and matching devices with capabilities and what the end user is getting is a device with more capabilities than ever before. These two tech giants are producing their devices to be the most useful in home and office. Organizations like NPR and CNN have somewhat of a head start because these outlet are the go-to sites for news reports. It’s unfortunate to see how politics may play a major role in the news you are offered when you are looking to get news from Google’s Assistant. Sometimes you have to take what you get, but the future will have all news outlets vying for users’ ears. The amount of content you get from each article may be subjected to shortening of the message.

Google, Can You Highlight The News of the Day for Me? 

The reason the Google Assistant is making waves in this way is not in retrieving news for users, but how much of a particular article will it recite back. New, bold AI initiatives will give users the best of both world, size and function. The size of the news report you hear may be summarized, but you’ll have more time to hear more news when you accept the feature of Google’s Assistant news retrieval options. “Hey Google, is that everything”?

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