Monday, July 30, 2018

The Netter Report Top of the Food Chain Websites for Wasting Time

The Netter Report

The Netter Report though it would interesting to bring this top of the lists, list on what websites are good for wasting time in  2018. The following websites are going to take you away from life and insert you into the content of the day.

The Oatmeal has Comics, Blogs, Books, and More; Content!

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The Oatmeal makes the list because of its enormous library of content available to be reviewed when you’re ready.  The website features comics, blogs, books, and shopping. Some posts are extremely interesting while some not so much. Some titles which have won readers over are, “its TACOCAT”, “Can You Keep a Secret”, and one more, “How to Receive a Crappy Christmas Present”. It’s these kinds of interesting, hooks that will keep bored people coming back for more. Even content creators can find some inspiration with The Oatmeal. We recommend it to you.

BuzzFeed is an OG Waste of Time

We already know how to get political hot water, just do something that BuzzFeed can make viral and they’ll do just that. Buzzfeed represents the trendy of the trendy. Conversations, topics, hot-button issues, race, politics, war; it’s all there for you to waste your time on. My favorite place on any of these sights are in the comments. The real jewels of any topic lies in the imagination and maturations of the commenters.

Check back as we grow this list from two to twenty! ~ Netter

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