Monday, March 31, 2008

The Netter Report Vol 8 3rd Edition ~ Continue to drive your visitors home.

The way to the bank is through your customers pocketbooks. Did you know that? Do you have the visitors to throw away? Do You?

Forget about buying into someone else's deal. Forget about the past and look to the future for your new online revenue sources. You must be making new relevant content to drive the search engines to your information sources. You must have ads that will pay you to bring customers to them. You must have affiliate programs to push to those people who only want to create huge downlines.

You Must, you must, you must....Believe it? You should!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Netter Report Vol 8 2nd Edition ~ The way to the top is build a bottom.

Netter Report: March 10, 2008 from the desk of Damian Walsh

Oh no, you seem to have found me down here at the bottom. Don't worry, even though I may not be able to see the top, I know there is one, and I'm going back up there. I was just here helping my new referrals. If you have a downline, you should be here too. Making sure that you have offered your help to all those who come after you. Taking the time to meet and greet the bottom, means you'll always stay at the top.