Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pamona 2010 (14 days and counting)

Pamona 2010 Kicks off the Full Throttle NHRA Drag Race Season in 14 days

You know it. The NHRA is back on again in fourteen days and that means that for Team Nitrousfitz and B&D Racing, the season is just a few short weeks away. Right now, the off season was filled with things to do. "It looks like the season will have it's own obstacles too, new and old. The Chevelle project is moving, but appears not to be finished by the time the 2010 drag racing begins for the three drivers and their team at Team Nitrousfitz and B&D Racing. Both dragster came off the end of last year with solid runs. SP4550 is ready right out of the box to win the first race a Houston Raceway Park. The News is big this year and the opportunity is great.

If you didn't know it, the NHRA is introducing Top Sportsman and Top Dragster to the lineup of races at National NHRA drag races. This makes it possible for two out of the three drivers of Team Nitrousfitz to have a showing at a national event this year. The registration procedures are making it hard for us to get in the race, but if this pattern continues, we will surely find our way into all the division 4 national events that feature either the Top Sportsman or Top Dragster classes. "It's what the team was built up to do, to get into the races involves having good results at other divisional events and attendance at more circuit races throughout the year.

We will be watching when we can, and racing when we can, all year. Come and say hello! Give us a shout out on your own blog, or just come back and read what else is going on down here in Texas. We're "Racing for Money" in the NHRA with three different class vehicles, Super Pro 4550, Top Sportsman 46 (2009), and Top Dragster 4200, Team Nitrousfitz.

- R Fitzhenry-Walsh

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