Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Year of the Author

The Year of the Author

This year is turning out to be just like they said it would. Literary agents, publishers, and even authors have noticed that wherever they look, there is a new writer working or an experienced author writing more. Connect this trend with the explosion of social media and an American economic slump, there are more writers working from home offices than ever before.

Just ask Nathan Bransford what is different this year than past years, and he'll tell you that there are more queries being sent into publishers and agents than ever before. The reason is simple and it gives authors hope that if it continues they can make a good living creating stories and taking notes of facts about what people on the internet are looking for. Content is King and content marketing is the prince that will carry on the lineage of quality writing pays when it is produced "on demand" and has a following ready to read and rate it's quality. The signs were there all year long, National Writing Month set the ball in motion, and now the best time to prepare a great work of fiction for the internet is right now.

If you're a writer but you are a new writer I can tell you that I know you, you and me are alike. I am a writer who started writing because my reality changed and I agreed to change with it. I am not just another sheep in the crowd though, I am the black sheep. "Here's how I plan on getting myself heard through all the baaaaing."

#1 Write More (How to, Revenue Share, Website content, tagging, categorizing, novels, links, blog)
#2 Social More
New options
#3 Bookmark More (Social Marker)
#4 Talk More (Blog Radio)
#5 Record More (NHRA, New Fiction)
#6 Organize More (Calendar, Schedules, Meetings)

These are all difficult and time consuming tasks. Each one has it's rewards and by following along a schedule of activity that is effective, you can become as good as you want to be, or purport to be, or are. The internet has not offered more opportunity to the lowly writer than right now. I am leading the way with my marketing as I get the content rolling out that will make the most residual income over the long haul.

Royalties will allow me to pursue the rest of my dreams, and writing about what I dream about is a great place to start earning money from the things I love to do.

- FD Walsh

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