Friday, January 29, 2010

Say Hello to Internet Streams (Pt 1)

Say Hello to Internet Streams (Pt 1)

Where are you going and where have you been?

Even before making their first dollar online, bright online content developers need to understand what it takes to see their dreams through to reality. People like me know more than they can do and do as much as they can. I have been known to mix things up.

This year there is change in my approach, call it a maturing of the procedure. You and I are expecting to see some good things from Powerfitz Publishing and the content that will be produced in 2010. As a writer I am becoming more aware how valuable each word can be, that is why I am building my very own base of content to market rather than selling it away for practically nothing. "Learn how I made the switch."

Every write needs to look at where they stand against someone like me, I'm poised to make a name for myself and the only things I had when I started was a computer and the internet. If you can write you can make money online. Work for someone else and it's a job. Work for yourself and you have the possibility of making it very big indeed.

Here's a little secret that's not really a secret...

"Content Marketing is what everyone wants right now, and search engines are rewarding streams of original content with the best search results." They might call it a band wagon but I call it band width and with the recent introductions of both Amazon Kindle and now the iPad from Steve Jobs and Apple, The writing for money online trend is moving in a direction that benefits writers and authors and readers alike. The demand for original content to fill the huge amounts of Kindle and Ipad disk space is creating new business models from which to earn an income.

If you are not sure which direction to take your content management, consider keeping it all for yourself and making money from it? The smartest authors are building a private library of "on demand" content that people can come and grab whenever they like. Fans and followers from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow authors and readers to connect.

A business model of content management based on the theory that as the internet evolves into "streams", a business must have "content" first. Take in account that to build a stream with followers takes on average a year or more before any revenue can even begin to be created.

"How far behind are you willing to get?"

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